Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fraction Fest: CCSS Aligned Hands-on Activities

I just finished up a two week introduction to fractions. My students were pretty much blank slates when it came to fractions. Our state standards did not put much emphasis on fractions but the new Common Core has 4th grade teaching students EVERY little thing about fractions. At first I was really stressed out about it, but I'm loving teaching fractions. I think it is actually more fun to teach something the students know nothing about. I finished up the introductory unit with a FRACTION FEST. [This is similar to the Geometry Fest I told you about earlier in the year. Click HERE if you'd like to check out this freebie.] I had six stations set up around the room. Each activity dealt with a different and larger denominator. I started my struggling students out at the station with the smallest denominator. These activities were perfect for cementing those introductory fraction concepts in their mind. By the end of the day a could see the light bulb start lighting up for those struggling learners. The culminating activity was a Toddler's in Fractioniara"s Pageant. (If you don't get the name, check out TLC's Toddler''s in Tiaras.)  My students created the CUTEST little outfits for the Fraction Wear competition. Check out the picture of the "line up" portion of the pageant. Oh yes, I rolled out the red carpet (red butcher paper) and had "runway" music. Of course, I emceed the event and used the applications the students filled out for their toddler while the students walked their toddler on stage. So much fun!

If you'd like to purchase my Fraction Fest Unit, click HERE.


  1. I bet your kids LOVED the ice cream activity! So creative! Thank you for sharing :)

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Your success has inspired me to try my hand at TpT.