Friday, September 7, 2012

Zebra Pens Are Perfect for the Classroom

 Over the past few years I've become very fond of office supplies. I love to browse the latest gadgets at the office supply store. I'm especially partial to pens, so I was exited to be asked to review some products from Zebra.  If you are looking for the perfect red grading pen, Zebra has exactly what you need.
The M-301 Mechanical Pencil is extremely durable. It has a non-slip grip that ensures full writing control. The refill process is easy and effortless.

 The Z-Mulsion EX ballpoint pen is light weight pen with a rubber grip. It has a super smooth ink glide.  With its designer metal pocket clip it is a very sophisticated looking pen.
My 7th grader has been trying this mechanical pencil out over the past week. She freaked out when her little sister touched it, so I would say it is big hit. She liked the fact that you could erase easily without the lead falling out. The grip was her favorite part.
Overall these pens and pencils were very durable and provided an effortless write .

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