Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earth Day Goodies

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Last year my students and I participated in the Disney Planet Challenge. It is an amazing program but requires a tremendous amount of class time. We (and I do mean we) learned so much about the environment. One of the activities we tried was called the 24 Hour Trash Task. I had the students tie a trash bag around their waist and put all their garbage in it for 24 hours. I participated in the task, too. It REALLY made you think before you threw something away.The next day we weighed our trash and then sorted it to see what could have been recycled. I think it was the most eye opening activity that we did.
Wearing our Garbage
Weighing our Garbage
Our Trash
                                                   This is all that couldn't be recycled.

After this they completed a technology task that involved them analyzing data and creating a pie chart in Google Docs. It was a great learning experience for all of us!  Click (HERE) for a copy of the Tech Task directions.
One of my student's presentations.

1. Opener- Play this video and discuss the 3Rs and what they mean. (Don't forget you can use to download to your computer or flash drive.)
2. Play the 3Rs Game. Click {HERE} or the picture for a copy.
3. Read the book, Earth Smart. (See the beginning of the post for your copy.)
4. Assign the 24 Trash Task.

Here's a great Earth Day Linky Party! Click on the picture for lots of great Earth Day ideas.

I hope you enjoy this lesson! Good luck as you continue to create magic in your classroom!


  1. We did the Disney Planet Challenge this year. It was SO much work, but there were valuable lessons to be learned. I love the idea that the kids had to carry around their trash for an hour. What a GREAT lesson!


    1. I didn't do the DPC this year. I just have too much curriculum to cover. Good luck! I would LOVE to see you win.


  2. Replies
    1. You are welcome! BTW, I'm your newest follower!!!


  3. Selina!!! What an amazing article. Thanks for such dedication.... what an incredible teaching opportunity. Three cheers for you!!!

    Debbie Clement

  4. Oh my goodness! I'm going to have to check out the Disney Planet Challenge, what an incredible experience that those kids will never, ever forget!
    Thanks so much for linking up! Denise
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

    1. Thank you for hosting this! I'm teaching science camp this summer, and the theme is the environment. I will be able to use all these wonderful free resources!


  5. Thank you so much for this! This is EXACTLY the game I've been searching for. You're the best.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I just went to the online book site and joined. I love all the ideas you talked about today. I will be sharing some of these with my class this week.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom