Saturday, February 13, 2016


Here's a fun freebie for you to go with your vocabulary instruction. (Click on the picture to snag it.) I use this with my Algebra Unit, but it will work for any subject. Just have students choose one of their vocabulary words. Then have them morph the vocabulary word into a zoo animal. Poster paper and a rubric is provided in this freebie.This would make a great activity for your GT students, too. If you have time, please leave me some feedback. Thanks!

I use this activity as a fast finsher's project during our Zoo-quation Adventure. At the end of my Algebra Unit, students work through several Algebra puzzles as a team. This is lots of fun for the students and great practice for perseverance.  

Click on the cover to grab a copy!
Students travel through the zoo solving problems and searching for clues to solve duck's quack ups. They work together as a cooperative team in their quest to persevere. Zooquation student teams solve various mathematical puzzles earning keys. Your students learn algebraic skills and the value of addition, subtraction, and logic, while having the enjoyment of discovering the magic of mathematical puzzles. 

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