Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Edition

What kid doesn't like cookies? Here is a graphing activity I plan to try with my 4th graders next week. This activity is a simple one with little preparation time. Don't tell the students what they will be graphing. Simply pass out a gingerbread man cookie and allow students to take ONE bite. Then pass out the graphing packet for students to complete. It's fun to talk about which gingerbread body part was the most popular. Pick up a package of cookies, and create a little Christmas Classroom Magic!
Click HERE for your free copy of my Gingerbread Man Graphing Packet.

Teaching Tip of the Week
Pick up your free copy of this Holiday e-book. It has over 50 free Christmas activities created by some to the top sellers at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Click HERE for your free copy.
Anchor Chart of the Week
I found this great chart from Babbling Abby on Pinterest. Visit her blog for more fantastic gingerbread man ideas. After graphing the cookies have the students create adjectives to describe them.

Chuckle of the Week

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